10 October 2015

Rik Coeckelbergs

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Management Consultant Payments

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As a Management Consultant I support Senior Management of Financial Institutions and Financial Departments of Corporates in developing or reviewing a strategy or tactical solutions in their payment business

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Not only in the job, but also in the more general world of payments I try to look at the 'Big Picture', I try to see what is happening and living also around business I am working in at the moment. I hope to continue this philosophy also in the rest of my future career by permanently improving my understanding in how things are managed and why they are managed that way. In order to stay updated on all the most recent trends in the payments industry, and to get an idea of the Big Picture of Payments I started the group 'Innovation In Payments'. Nowaday this group has become a more mature networking environment connecting more than 3,500 members who discuss articles and topic on innovation in the payments industry. Everyone who is interested in joining Innovation In Payments is more than welcome to join of course, to share thoughts, articles, ideas and innovative payments products.