08 October 2015

Stanley Epstein

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Citadel Advantage Ltd



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Stanley is a Director and co-founder of Citadel Advantage Ltd., an international consultancy to the financial services industry that provides specialist services and training in the areas of operations risk mitigation, payments, and liquidity & treasury systems. Stanley specialises in consultancy, t...

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He holds a Masters degree in Economics and a BCom. degree in Accounting from the University of South Africa. He has over 40 years of banking and IT experience, 33 of which were with the Standard Bank of South Africa where during the 1990s he filled an industry level role holding several key positions including that of Chairman of the PASA Risk Committee. During that period he also participated in the development of the South African National Payment System working closely with the South African Reserve Bank. More recently he was an external consultant to the Bank of Israel in the reform of the Israeli payment systems, the introduction of the ZAHAV RTGS system and the inclusion of the New Israeli Shekel in the CLS system, as well as policy and oversight issues. He has had extensive exposure to banking practice and operations in a number of countries including the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Israel, France, Netherlands, Greece, Romania and Kazakhstan.


Economics, Railways, Astronomy.