12 February 2016

Darren Negraeff

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Marketing Director

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My name is Darren Negraeff - I'm the Marketing Director for Zafin - we create pricing and billing innovations for banks and financial institutions. While it is my job to promote our products and services, I'm equally interested in learning about and discussing Product and Pricing Lifecycle Managemen

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I entered the banking world the same time I joined Zafin. Since then it has been an exhilarating ride learning about the issues and challenges facing one of the most impactful industries today.


When I'm not at work you can find me throwing a disc for my dog Sally or staring in wonder at my tomato plants. Or poring over a book - I love to read. These days I read mostly non-fiction, but I have an extensive library of fiction as well. I'm interested in theory of the mind and cognitive scie