25 April 2015


Digitize or Die - an insight into the future of banking

18 February 2015  |  0

Is it too little, too late for the retail banks? Read Oracle's report, available to download at the bottom of this page, to find out more.

Welcome to the algo bank

14 November 2014  |  Source: Deutsche Bank  |  0

Deutsche Bank reports on the digital revolution in financial services - "algorithm-based banking with the human touch".

Global payments 2020

22 September 2014  |  Source: BNY Mellon  |  1

The world of global payments in 2020 will look very unlike it does today; indeed its "end-state" post-2020 will be largely unrecognisable, says BNY Mellon.

Bitcoin's lasting legacy

18 September 2014  |  Source: Boston Federal Reserve  |  0

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston looks at the policy implications of bitcoin.

Flavours of Fast Down Under

28 August 2014  |  0

As Australia prepares for New Payments Platform (NPP), its new fast retail payments system, Aussie bankers gathered to discuss the importance of innovation and what they can learn from similar overseas implementations.

The digital transformation of the CMO

04 July 2014  |  Source: Accenture  |  0

The ability to wield, rather than be overwhelmed by, digital technologies will be critical to the future success of chief marketing officers, says Accenture.

IBM Security Analysis

30 June 2014  |  0

Security and protection is at the top of every IT manager's list of priorities. IBM have put together a full package of research and analysis looking at every aspect of enterprise security management. Research includes Security Intelligence, Advanced Threat Protection, Application Security, and Identity and Access.

Virtual money laundering

30 June 2014  |  Source: Financial Action Task Froce  |  0

The Financial Action Task Force presents research into the characteristics of virtual currencies and makes a preliminary assessment of the money laundering and terrorist financing risk associated with this payment method.

Banking disrupted

23 June 2014  |  Source: Deloitte  |  0

Deloitte presents five threats to the traditional European banking model - and a roadmap for the future.

Virtually negligible

18 June 2014  |  Source: Riksbank  |  0

The Swedish central bank examines the impact of virtual currencies on the retail payments market.

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