20 April 2014

Latest trade execution news

Sifma calls for US market move to T+2

17 April 2014  |  1916 views  |  0

Sifma is calling for the US capital markets industry to move to a T+2 settlement lifecylce, as other markets worldwide bid to bridge the gap between trade execution and delivery of financial contracts.

MEPs vote to curb high-frequency trading

16 April 2014  |  1906 views  |  0

Members of the European Parliament have voted through new rules designed to clamp down on high-frequency trading 'Flash Boys'.

Citi launches block pricing tool on Bloomberg app portal

15 April 2014  |  1765 views  |  0

Citi has become the first broker to use the Bloomberg App Portal to deploy an application to clients around the world.

CME Group sued over HFT sneak peek claims

14 April 2014  |  2064 views  |  1

CME Group is being sued by three users, accused of selling sneak peeks at order information to high-frequency traders.

Schwab calls on regulators to outlaw the "aggressive cancer" of high-frequency trading

04 April 2014  |  4133 views  |  4

Wading into the raging debate about the impact of high-frequency trading on stock market investing, Charles Schwab has decried the practice as a "growing cancer" that needs to be excised.

FBI investigates high-speed trading

01 April 2014  |  3346 views  |  1

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating whether high-speed traders are breaking the law by acting on non-public information ahead of the wider markets.

Wall Street industry group swallows Bitcoin red pill

31 March 2014  |  11200 views  |  0

In a sure sign of the growing business interest in crypto-currencies on Wall Street, the Security Traders Association of New York (Stany) has decided to accept payment in bitcoin for tickets to its Annual Conference and Dinner.

Thomson Reuters bids to ward off FX predators with new spot matching rules

25 March 2014  |  2472 views  |  0

Thomson Reuters is proposing changes to spot matching rules on its FX trading platform in an effort to ward off 'phantom pricing' tactics deployed by high-speed trading firms.

Nasdaq rethinks Amazon FinQloud venture - FT

24 March 2014  |  2388 views  |  0

US exchange operator Nasdaq is rethinking its FinqCloud venture with e-commerce giant Amazon after the business failed to gain sufficient traction with potential customers, according to the Financial Times.

New York attorney general sets sights on co-location

18 March 2014  |  3131 views  |  1

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman has called for tough regulations to tackle practices such as co-location, which he claims give high-frequency traders unfair advantages and distort the market.

Liquidnet moves into fixed income market through Vega-Chi acquisition

18 March 2014  |  2235 views  |  0

Institutional trading network Liquidnet is moving into the fixed income market through the acquisition of bond trading platform Vega-Chi. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Third party vendors the winners as trading technology trends shift

13 March 2014  |  3839 views  |  0

Technology innovation in equity markets has changed direction as the race-to-zero latency and the pursuit of high-frequency trading cools, says capital markets consultancy GreySpark partners

MTS agrees Bonds.com acquisition

06 March 2014  |  2247 views  |  0

London Stock Exchange-owned fixed income marketplace MTS has agreed to buy Bonds.com, a US-based platform for the electronic trading of corporate and emerging market bonds.

Bloomberg adds social sentiment analytics to trading terminal

03 March 2014  |  4639 views  |  0

Bloomberg has added social sentiment analytics to its Professional desktop tool to provide traders with an early heads-up on market-moving Twitter trending topics.

Wall Street firms suspend participation in analyst surveys

26 February 2014  |  2725 views  |  0

Eighteen of Wall Street's top banks have agreed to suspend their participation in surveys of analyst sentiment amid concerns that the practice gives high-speed traders an unfair advantage over ordinary investors.

Business Wire stops selling direct feeds to HFT firms

21 February 2014  |  3314 views  |  0

Business Wire, the corporate news release distribution company owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, is to stop selling its potentially market-moving content directly to high-frequency trading firms.

Global fixed income e-trading sees tepid growth

20 February 2014  |  2832 views  |  0

Electronic trading systems only managed to slightly increase their share of global fixed-income trading volume in 2013, accounting for a quarter of total volume executed, according to a report from Greenwich Associates.

Nous trading game app lets users bet on bitcoin price

14 February 2014  |  3817 views  |  0

Startup trading app outfit Nous has added bitcoin to the list of currencies players can bet on through its FX-forecasting game, Spark Profit.

Citi and JPMorgan join ParFX as founder banks

13 February 2014  |  3030 views  |  0

ParFX, the spot forex electronic trading platform set up by Tradition last year, has added Citi and JP Morgan to its founder bank community.

Deutsche Bourse acquires stake in fixed income platform Bondcube

12 February 2014  |  2883 views  |  0

Deutsche Börse has acquired a minority stake in fixed income liquidity discovery start-up Bondcube.

Japan Exchange invites bids for new derivatives trading system contract

04 February 2014  |  2487 views  |  0

Japan Exchange Group is calling on technology vendors to apply for the right to build it a new derivatives trading system.

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