23 December 2014

Latest Transaction banking announcements


Swift Institute research highlights five enablers for implementation of successful regional payments

16 December 2014  |  1199 views  |  0

Paper ranks the comparative success of various regional payments integration projects that are necessary to support economic growth.


Snowy Hydro selects Reval to integrate treasury operations

16 December 2014  |  903 views  |  0

Reval, a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of scalable and integrated Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) solutions, announced today that Snowy Hydro, one of Australia´s National Electricity Market's largest generators by capacity, has selected Reval to automate and integrate cash management, payments processing and hedge accounting in support of its growth strategy.


Al Rajhi Bank implements SAS AML tech

15 December 2014  |  1866 views  |  0

SAS finished the quickest implementation of an anti-money laundering (AML) project in Saudi Arabia to-date with Al Rajhi Bank, completing the work in only four months.


SunGard launches TCA tech for FX trading

11 December 2014  |  1871 views  |  0

SunGard has launched an independent, real-time transaction cost analysis (TCA) solution for foreign exchange (FX) trading to help traders, corporate treasurers and portfolio managers understand the quality of their FX executions.


Swift KYC registry goes live for correspondent banks

11 December 2014  |  1468 views  |  0

SWIFT announces that The KYC Registry is now available to banks seeking to increase efficiency and reduce risk related to their correspondent banking Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance activities.


BIC code ISO 9362 gets revamp

10 December 2014  |  1214 views  |  0

From wiring money to far flung places to everyday financial transactions, the humble BIC code is a vital ingredient in ensuring banking messages get sent to the right place. Now the standard that is used to define it has had a revamp, to make it even more robust and fit for the future.


Standard Chartered signs with Earthport to extend international ACH reach

09 December 2014  |  2714 views  |  0

Standard Chartered has signed a multi-year agreement with Earthport plc. Standard Chartered offers market leading International ACH coverage in its network of fast growing markets in Asia, Africa and Middle East. Integration with Earthport will bring the Bank's International ACH payments reach to 50 markets across its footprint.


Equens reports contract wins for e-mandate processing

09 December 2014  |  1176 views  |  0

Several banks have contracted Equens as their service provider for eMandates, having signed long-term contracts with the company.


Banks lagging in intraday liquidity monitoring - Swift study

08 December 2014  |  1469 views  |  0

New survey from SWIFT reveals that only 39% banks have their payments confirmed in real-time by their Nostro service providers, which is a critical step for banks to meet the intraday liquidity monitoring rules set out by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in April 2013.


Euroclear provides UniCredit access to Eurosystem liquidity

08 December 2014  |  2067 views  |  0

Euroclear today announced that UniCredit, a leading European commercial bank, has become the first institution to secure its Eurosystem credit operations through an agreement with Euroclear Bank and the National Bank of Belgium (NBB).


Misys launches FusionRisk Limits

08 December 2014  |  1311 views  |  0

Misys, the leading provider of financial services software, has launched Misys FusionRisk Limits to make it possible for financial institutions to see all exposures, breaches and limit utilisation across their entire operations. Traders, treasurers and corporate bankers can now act on complete and timely risk information.


BB&T launches CashManager mobile app

04 December 2014  |  2062 views  |  0

BB&T Corporation (BBT) today announced the launch of the CashManager OnLine® app for Apple and Android devices, which gives commercial and corporate clients mobile access to critical financial transactions and information. BB&T CashManager OnLine clients can download the app free from the App Store and Google Play.


Clearstream and BNP Paribas progress on T2S asset servicing model

04 December 2014  |  1165 views  |  0

Eight months after having announced their plans to develop a new asset servicing model for TARGET2-Securities (T2S), Clearstream and BNP Paribas Securities Services have completed the functional analysis of their collaboration and signed a partnership agreement.


Nets delivers real-time payments system in Denmark

03 December 2014  |  1772 views  |  0

Nets, the leading provider of payment infrastructures and solutions in the Nordics, has successfully delivered a new real time payment solution (RealTime24/7) supporting the Danish banking community's efforts in providing customers with instant payment options.


Crossing-Tech embeds C24 into Connectivity Factory

03 December 2014  |  993 views  |  0

C24 Technologies (C24), a global leader in financial services messaging and integration solutions, today announced a partnership with Crossing-Tech, a trusted provider of IT solutions. Crossing-Tech will embed C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) into Connectivity Factory enabling banks and financial firms to gain real-time business insight into activities such as fraud, regulatory compliance, financial transactions and governance.


Ajman Bank adopts SmartStream’s Corona

26 November 2014  |  2050 views  |  0

SmartStream Technologies, the Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) specialist, today announced that Ajman Bank, the award-winning Islamic financial services institution, has implemented SmartStream’s Corona solution to improve its operations and provide a better quality of services to its customers.


Swift expands corporate services centre in Kuala Lumpur

25 November 2014  |  1573 views  |  0

SWIFT today announces that it has doubled its office space in the Kuala Lumpur Corporate Services Centre, Malaysia, further strengthening its physical presence in the region to meet the growing needs of customers and the industry.


Dovetail opens Canada office

25 November 2014  |  1494 views  |  0

Dovetail, a leading provider of market ready payment and liquidity management solutions will open a Canadian office in Toronto as Canadian banks focus on improving the customer experience and revenue potential of their payments lines of business.


EPC publishes updated version of SCT and SDD rulebooks.

25 November 2014  |  2208 views  |  0

Brussels: The European Payments Council (EPC), representing the European banking industry in relation to payments, today published updated versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Rulebooks.


NSD and CME repository cooperate on OTC cross-border transactions

21 November 2014  |  1647 views  |  0

National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia's central securities depository, a systemically important repository in the Russian market, and CME European Trade Repository Limited (ETR), the ESMA registered and regulated UK-based trade repository that is part of the multi-jurisdictional CME Global Repository Services at CME Group have announced the initiation of cooperative activities.

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